A new platform to make meetings inclusive, engaging, and productive.

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Our Values

We value your time.
We want to live rich, full lives and that means doing great work and still having space for all the other wonderful stuff in life.

We will create a positive work environment.
Everyone should feel valued and included so we can all be productive and do work that makes us proud. We should be laughing often.

Our company is a force for good in the world.
When we succeed, people will have better days at work and fulfill their own missions.

Open positions

Join our small team. We love to build things.


Meetings are the single greatest way time is spent and wasted at work. They’re also critical in an increasingly remote world.

At Sesh, we are improving the content of meetings themselves (not just the calendaring or conferencing) with an entirely new kind of platform which will make meetings more inclusive, engaging, and productive.


Founder: Ben Finkel

Investors: Spark Capital, Village Global, Moxxie Ventures, Biz Stone