Icebreakers for meetings

Get the team talking with a fun question to warm up the room

A lot of people have moved to remote work, and meetings have quickly become the place where culture has to happen on top of the regular work.

Water cooler days are being replaced by terse "how was your weekend" discussions, but they're quickly interrupted by business discussion. Icebreakers give you a chance to throw some fun back into meetings.

When someone starts a meeting engaged, they typically stay engaged the whole way through - which means your team will stay focused when you do move into the business items on the agenda.

How to add icebreakers to your meetings

You can choose Icebreaker as an activity when you're setting up your agenda. You can preview the question ahead of time, and shuffle if you want to pick a different question. We have a massive library of icebreakers, with more to come, so you won't see repeats often. You can even add in your own. Choose the amount of time you want to spend on the icebreaker, and Sesh will do the rest! It will randomize the speaker and will give everyone equal opportunity to share their answers. Sesh will keep time so you don't go over time or eat into the rest of the meeting (unless you need to get in a heated debate about which franchise has the best burgers...timing is totally flexible...and the answer is In-N-Out).

Adding icebreakers to your meetings helps warm up the room and keeps your team engaged.
Having fun activities helps create culture and gives your team a natural way to bond.
Sesh provides unique and thought provoking questions so you're not just regularly repeating icebreakers like "what did you want to be when you grow up?"

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