Let's take turns with Rounds

Set up a meeting that is inclusive from the start

We're all sick of using "popcorn" by now - putting the onus on your team to choose who goes next is anxiety inducing.

Rounds take care of the awkward meeting facilitation necessary to run a successful meeting. Rounds choose the order in which people speak and makes sure every single person in the meeting has equal time to talk.

Now every voice can be heard, and no one will be stuck saying "Bueller....? Bueller?"

How to use Rounds with your team

Just add the Round activity to your Sesh agenda and then choose how long you want it to last. Rounds will automatically divide up the time between the attendees. So, if you choose 10 minutes, and you have 5 attendees, each person will have 2 minutes to talk. You can adjust the meeting time as needed based on how long people will need.. If they go under time, that's fine too! They'll just click "I'm finished" and it will move onto the next person in line. Rounds are adamant about timing, so you don't have to be. Subtle cues keep everyone on time and alerts them if they're taking up more time than allowed.

Engage your introverts in a natural and easy way. Rounds get everyone talking - literally.
Manage time better by giving everyone an equal time to talk - no more domineering conversations led by one person.
Get it done quick - Sesh measures how many people are going under or over time so you can optimize your meeting times.

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